Coworkers, the team, one’s own unit – Telinekataja personnel

There are already more than 200 Telinekataja employees in Finland, located at seven branches across Finland and the head office in Espoo. We also continuously work closely with our partners and their installers.

Telinekataja Miehet telineillä

The safety and comfort of Telinekataja employees is a matter of heart to us. We offer the support of the local organisation, line managers and the best possible tools and framework – both for everyday work and for training.

We pay special attention to the well-being and coping of our installers who carry out demanding work by hand. The personal certifications granted to our installers serve as a guarantee of our professional skills and promote the quality and safety of work. In continuous occupational safety training, we emphasise practicality, functionality and learning together.

We successfully met objectives set by Vision Zero in 2019 and 2020. In spring 2021, we were granted the highest level of occupational safety classification for the second time running: Level I – At the Global Forefront. The Vision Zero Forum grants this classification to companies that have invested in continuously improving occupational safety.

We support the personal goals and career paths of Telinekataja employees. We guide the development of our personnel through an annually updated curriculum. We use the electronic learning environment eTelinekataja for personnel orientation and training.

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