Allround scaffolding

We lease advanced Layher Allround® scaffolding systems designed to be particularly practical and convenient. The technology of the Layher Allround® system is based on an innovative, ingenious wedge joint that simultaneously enables eight horizontal or diagonal connections at the same level. The technology can be used by construction sites and industry in a truly comprehensive manner, no matter how high or low the sites are, straight or diagonal, round or diverse.

Telinekataja Allround-telineet
Telinekataja Jussarö
Telinekataja Espoo

The Allround scaffolding system meets all occupational safety standards. Sturdy scaffolding speeds up work, improves results and reduces damages. Even a small team of employees can erect our scaffolding efficiently and safely. The system can be complemented with numerous Allround add-ons, including StarFrame and Blitz ring scaffolding.

  • A convenient, light-weight and highly durable modular system
  • Fast and safe Layher Allround wedge joint
  • For buildings, e.g. for façade, masonry and flat-level scaffolding
  • Scaffolding for versatile and demanding contracting
  • Special scaffolding, such as hanging scaffolds, as well as scaffolding for power and production plants
  • As frame scaffolding for weather protection

Multifunctional, durable and compatible equipment

The advanced system is perfected by durable, high-quality scaffolding equipment with clear installation and operating instructions. We also provide convenient installation and removing services for all rental equipment.

  • Hot-dip galvanised steel scaffolding endures decades of heavy use
  • Allround parts are always compatible with each other
  • Secured availability of scaffolding parts well into the future
  • Scaffolding structures are safe, tidy and compact
  • Clear installation and operating instructions

Technical specifications

  • Allround scaffolding is made of steel and aluminium
  • Scaffolding widths 0.45–4.14 m
  • Worktop lengths 0.73–4.14 m
  • Permissible load capacity up to line load category 6 (6.0 kN/m²)