We provide comprehensive and high-quality scaffolding services to construction sites in the energy, forestry and chemical industries, as well as to other types of industrial sites. As the contracting partner of several industrial companies, we are familiar with the criteria for successful annual maintenance and maintenance shutdowns, and understand the importance of staying within the agreed timetable. We always go through the needs and requirements of the overall solution together with the client to ensure that the outcome is exactly as planned.

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Safety and efficiency at industrial construction sites

In industrial maintenance work, safety, smoothness and staying on schedule are paramount. Our versatile, high-quality and tailored scaffolding solutions will help you optimise the working conditions of any given site and ensure that work is completed efficiently and on schedule.

  • Services are tailored according to client prerequisites
  • A long and varied experience of annual maintenance and maintenance shutdowns ensures our expertise even when working at demanding sites
  • Safety requirements for industrial installations are accounted for and met in all cases
  • Equipment for sites of all sizes (large nuclear power plants and smaller plants and units)
  • Accurately dimensioned scaffolding services for power plant maintenance work
  • Secure scaffolding is designed and implemented as a turnkey service
  • A wide range of special parts enables precision measurements for any given site
  • Continuous maintenance work and various installations are carried out safely and smoothly
  • Our modern and customisable scaffolding equipment and versatile experience and expertise enable us to work even in tight spaces
  • Even in the case of sudden requirements, equipment is quickly deployed and the work is done efficiently and on schedule
  • Our scaffolding installation experts are always provided with an introduction according to the client's individual requirement level
  • Joint monitoring meetings and other quality control measures ensure a smooth contracting partnership 

Successful maintenance without concern about scaffolding delivery delays

Well-designed, organised and executed annual maintenance enables the industrial plant to remain safe, operational and efficient from day to day.

A maintenance shutdown is a demanding set of measures requiring the commitment of even hundreds or thousands of professionals, where everything must be done effectively without any delays. During maintenance shutdown, the production plant or its production line is completely on hiatus, so every hour is important. 

Telinekataja possesses solid know-how in executing demanding projects related to annual maintenance and maintenance shutdowns. We plan future maintenance together with the client both carefully and on time. As a contracting partner, we thoroughly familiarise ourselves with the environment and practices of the facility, making cooperation smooth for both sides. Our professional installers are able to respond within the time frame required by the maintenance shutdowns, and deliver and install scaffolding even at short notice.


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