We lease a variety of high-quality and versatile warehouses for professional use. We supply tarpaulin warehouse solutions for temporary and long-term storage and protection of materials, accessories and machinery. With the help of a warehouse, the quality, efficiency and occupational safety of construction can be improved, and valuable building materials and accessories will remain protected and discoverable. Owing to Telinekataja’s services, the halls are not only stylish but efficient, safe and functional.

Telinekataja Tuupalankoulu

Different uses

  • Storage and protection of building materials, elements and accessories
  • Protection of industrial components and machinery
  • Annual maintenance of power and production plants
  • Versatile contracting purposes and protection for e.g. dust and dirt-producing operations
  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Waterproofing of bridges

Technical specifications

  • Sturdy solution that can also withstand snow loads
  • Allround or Blitz ring scaffolding may be used as the support structure, making it possible to tailor the height while simultaneously achieving required structures, e.g. warehouse shelving.
  • The support structure can also be made entirely from KH's own wall elements
  • Warehouses of different sizes for different purposes: e.g. size 10 m x 10 m, span 10–20 m and span 20–38 m
  • Eaves height 1,5 or 3 m

In addition, our selection includes scaffolding covers and nets with measurements that are compatible with Allround and Blitz ring scaffolding.