Ethical Guidelines


Telinekataja as a part of society and our safe working conditions


We obey all the current laws, regulations, and contracts, and expect the same from our subcontractors and suppliers. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, corruption, and grey economy.

Safe working conditions are a part of our Mission: Safety and productivity on site. Safety is the foundation for all our actions. That applies to both our own way to operate, and to all the services we offer to our clients. Everyone working for or with Telinekataja has to be able to perform their work safely, both in a physical and psychosocial sense, and get their fair pay. As a service provider, we are committed to provide only safe solutions and not cut any corners for our own monetary gain.

We support circular economy by providing rental options and aim to use untouched natural resources as little as possible. We strive to save resources wherever possible. In this way, we aim to ensure a safe environment for the future generations.


Telinekataja as a healthy work community


Every single member of our work community is unique. No matter the background, we value every member of our community, which includes everyone we work with. We have zero tolerance for any kind of harassment, bullying or discrimination. In our community, there is no room for inappropriate behavior. We treat all members of our community in an equal way and value diversity in it. The human resources decisions are based on objective criteria and qualifications, such as experience, education, and skills.

Every member of our community respects the workmanship of each other, no matter the status. Members’ behavior and quality of work must not hinder others’ work. Everyone gives and receives support when needed.


The corporate culture at Telinekataja


The core values of our company provide the foundation for an inclusive corporate culture and the sense of ownership we all share. An open and communicative corporate culture is essential for our success, and it is also everyone’s responsibility. Our success is built on collaboration and mutual respect. We all share the responsibility of working together in sustainable ways, taking into consideration our business goals, the other members of the community and the environment.

In order to have a strong and positive corporate culture, we all should share a sense of ownership. This sense of ownership comes from clearly defined responsibilities and rights, and our culture of trust. This culture of trust is created by mutual respect and shared commitment to success.

We show our commitment by taking responsibility of our actions, which creates continuity and predictability. These result in decision-making without unnecessary delays. All that creates trustworthiness to our clients.

The everyday business operations of Telinekataja are divided to multiple units and numerous projects. On every level, the decisions that are made should lead to the best possible result for the company, even when the best solution might be in contrast with the best interest of an individual or a single project.