A safe construction site is in the common interest of clients and Telinekataja personnel

Safety and productivity at your site. This is our promise. From the design stage onward, we take care of the occupational safety of our clients' employees, Telinekataja personnel and our partners.

Telinekataja Tuupalankoulu

We want to be the safest player in the industry, and we work on it every day – starting with the induction of new employees. Our occupational safety training is continuous. In HSEQ training, we emphasise practicality, functionality and learning together. We offer modern channels for training and the best possible tools for working.

We pay special attention to the occupational safety, well-being and coping of our installers who carry out demanding work by hand. The personal certificates granted to our installers demonstrate the professional skills of our personnel, promoting both the quality of work and occupational safety.

Occupational safety of the highest level both globally and in Finland

We successfully met objectives set by Vision Zero in 2019 and 2020. In spring 2021, the Zero Accident Forum granted Telinekataja the highest level of occupational safety classification for the second time running: Level I – At The World’s Forefront. This classification is granted to companies that have invested in continuously improving occupational safety.