KH weather protection

The roof structures of KH weather protection are assembled from aluminium trusses and can, for instance, protect roofs on construction sites, as well as road and bridge repair projects and temporary warehouses.

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Telinekataja Destia

KH is a mobile weather protection solution that is built on a suitable frame from Layher's scaffolding system. The height of the weather protection can be tailored to suit your needs. If necessary, the KH weather protection can be opened to lift materials or for other purposes. The maximum width of the weather protection is 18.4 metres, and even wider with special solutions.

The PVC roof part is attached to channels in the roof trusses. The end result is always tightly sealed, neat and durable. The lightweight elements can be installed without a crane. The roof structures can be pre-assembled on the ground and elevated to the site in blocks, which allows for faster installation.

Technical specifications

  • Gable roof (20° slope)
  • Pent roof (15°– 20° slope)
  • Maximum span 18.0 m
  • Distance between roof trusses 2.57 m or less
  • Substructure SpeedyScaf 0.73/1,09 m or Allround 0.73/1.09 m
  • Upper brace horizontal stiffening in every fifth field at spans of 14.6 m and less
  • Horizontal stiffening of both upper and lower trusses in every fifth field and at both ends of the roof on roofs with a span of more than 14.6 m
  • Maximum permissible wind load 0,50 kN/m²
  • Maximum snow load 0.25 kN/m² (< 10 cm snow layer)