Layher scaffolding

Our rental equipment collection includes a wide range of high-quality products and scaffolding bundles by Layher. Layher is known for premium solutions for handling all the scaffolding needs of construction and industrial sites, and for superior occupational safety. Layher's multifunctional universal scaffolding solutions, stairs, support towers and boardwalks safeguard and enhance site operations within a wide range of uses and environments.

Telinekataja Layher

High quality from Layher

The Layher Allround® scaffolding system combines advanced technology with multifunctional, durable and universally compatible scaffolding equipment. The system can be complemented with numerous Allround add-ons, including StarFrame and Blitz ring scaffolding.

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Layher's stair solutions are pre-designed and compliant with safety requirements. Options range from simple ladders and access levels to sturdy stair towers for small and large construction sites.

  • A versatile combination of scaffolding and support systems, e.g. for heavy load support and for constructing casts and bridges
  • Compatible with Allround equipment
  • Firm, self-supporting and fast to install
  • Width 1.09 m, length by running length 1,09—3.07 m
  • The support scaffolding ring comes with a vertical pipe, a run and diagonal support

Quick to install, secure and Allround-compatible boardwalk for a wide range of sites.

Layher also manufactures easy-to-move, lightweight and durable aluminium scaffolding for maintenance and installation and construction both indoors and outdoors.

  • Layher Zifa-75 is a foldable and easy-to-assemble portable scaffold
  • The Layher Uniroll stair scaffold is both a scaffold and a stair tower
  • The Layher Uniroll stepladder is a durable construction accessory