Kuivaketju10 is an operating model developed for moisture management that reduces the risk of moisture damage at various stages of the construction process. The operating model is based on a chain, in which each part and responsible person in the process takes care of moisture management in their own work. This way each work phase is secured and the end result serves all parties as well as the end user.

Telinekataja Espoo
Telinekataja Espoo
Telinekataja Espoo

The scaffolding and weather protection sector plays a key role in implementing the operating model. At Telinekataja, the first two risks connected with Kuivaketju10 can be controlled, whilst the other issues are left to the partners to handle:
1. Weather protection structures, storage tents and heating solutions (see Our MaxxProd service) protects materials and structures from getting wet.
2. Carefully implemented weather protection prevents rainwater from entering outer wall structures.

Kuivaketju10 risk list*

  1. Moisture from outside the building damages foundations and floor structures.
  2. Rainwater seeps into outer wall structures.
  3. Water passing through the water supply penetrates the top floor from leakage points of the underlay.
  4. Moisture is transferred from leakage points of the air-stop layer to the outer wall and top floor structures, where it condenses into water.
  5. Improperly dimensioned and adjusted ventilation does not remove excess moisture, but forces it to seep into structures.
  6. Water pipe breakages cause extensive water damage to properties.
  7. Poorly executed wet rooms cause moisture damages to surrounding structures.
  8. Coating wet concrete structures damages the coating material.
  9. Subjecting materials and structures to water damages buildings.
  10. With poor maintenance, the building deteriorates – slowly but surely.


Kuivaketju10 ensures healthy and safe spaces

Telinekataja has been planning and implementing weather protection for several sites in compliance with the Kuivaketju10 model. In recent years, much more effort has been made especially in school buildings to control and prevent moisture – this has led to more systematic weather protection and stricter controls.


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