Project planning

Our view is that comprehensive and professionally executed design work is visible not only in the progress of the project but also in the final result. With precise planning work, it is possible to prepare for potential challenges and save both time and money already at an early stage.

Telinekataja hkeskus

The goal behind the professional design of scaffolding and weather protection solutions is to guarantee their safe and cost-effective implementation. Close cooperation with other parties in the project is also central. Collaboration enables the learning of new skills and facilitates natural development that serves all parties.

Project planning at Telinekataja combines decades of expertise with a modern CAD design culture.

Professional project planning:

  • helps perceive the whole at an even larger scale
  • enables different needs, requirements and regulations to be taken into account
  • ensures that construction site protection can be safely delivered and installed
  • speeds up the scaffolding installation process and ensures the correct installation method
  • further strengthens cooperation between the weather protection solutions supplier and the contractor of the construction site
  • streamlines work at the construction site and helps keep the project on schedule
  • also provides valuable data for future projects and enables partners to learn together
Telinekataja Hakunila
Telinekataja Destia

”It is of paramount importance that all parties at the construction site collaborate with one another and understand their own roles and responsibilities. It is often easy to make changes at the planning stage, but during construction they cause a headache for all parties involved.”

Topias Harjunpää, Designer at Telinekataja