Protective walls

The protective wall system consists of aluminium-framed cassettes. The wall is dimensioned for use in combination with Layher's scaffolding systems.

Telinekataja Pyynikintrikoo

Protect walls

Protect cassettes create a waterproof, durable, clean and light-permeable wall surface to protect the façade. The Protect protective wall remains securely positioned even in long-term use. With Protect, construction sites with heights of even up to 90 m can be protected. Protect is suitable for e.g. winter construction (thermal insulation), repairs involving asbestos, dust protection, sandblasting and temporary protective wall provision for industrial areas.

For roof protection, there are Protect roof cassettes also available, as well as heat and soundproof cassettes. All of the elements are lightweight and easy to install, and provide you an all round and very functional building protection.

Technical specifications

  • Aluminium-framed weather protection system
  • Compatible with Allround and Blitz ring scaffolding systems
  • Waterproof, durable, neat and visually pleasing appearance even when used for longer-term protection
  • Roof protection with special roofing cassettes
  • Heat and soundproof cassettes
  • Suitable for dust protection, sandblasting and asbestos removal, as well as providing a temporary protective wall structure for industrial premises
  • Elements are light and quick to install
  • Installation height up to 90 m