Our advanced and high-quality scaffolding solutions are suitable for repair, new buildings and infrastructure construction Thanks to our professional designers, our scaffolding and services can be tailored to all kinds of projects, requirements and regulations.

Telinekataja Pyynikintrikoo

Repair construction

  • Durable, well-designed scaffolding bundles for all spans
  • Manages and solves gaps, drops and other safety risks
  • No stress on roofs or other repaired structures
  • By using functional and carefully designed scaffolding, you can repair protected, historically significant and sensitive sites without extra risks.

New buildings

  • Our scaffolding services meet the strict requirements and regulations of new buildings
  • We design and install scaffolding, passageways and support towers to ensure safe construction of new buildings.
  • Each scaffolding package is tailored to the site
  • A correctly sized scaffolding package that meets all site needs and requirements makes everyday work easier and saves money
Telinekataja Kirkkonummi
Telinekataja Tikkalansaarensilta

Infrastructure construction

  • Through careful planning, we can ensure that all the infrastructure requirements and needs are mapped and met
  • Our professional designers and installers provide all kinds of temporary passageways, bypasses, pedestrian and bikeways, as well as needed structural support.
  • Skilfully designed and installed scaffolding that has been tailored to site requirements enables efficient progress of various work phases, speeds up construction and saves money
  • The sustainability of our operations is important to us: our scaffolding is made of durable metal, which enables long-term reuse on several construction sites.
Rent scaffolding

Rent scaffolding

We lease scaffolding both for large construction sites and for smaller contracts. Our skilled designers help you find suitable solutions for your site – to ensure safe and efficient work.

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