Scaffolding installation

In order to be successful, scaffolding installation work requires not only high-quality scaffolding, but the scaffolding also needs to be professionally designed and installed. Our rental scaffolding installation service ensures safety and saves effort and money. We carefully design the scaffolding to be installed and always carry out the installation work efficiently, accurately, safely and taking into account the needs of the client – even at short notice.

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Regulations, wishes and special requirements

In all our installation projects, we comply with regulations and rules that are binding in the field, listen carefully to our clients' requests, wishes and thoughts, and take into account the special requirements related to the construction site. Open and confidential communication with our partners ensures the best results even under challenging conditions and schedules.

Telinekataja does not compromise on occupational safety

Safety is one of our most important values, and it is also reflected in our well-maintained scaffolding installation work. Our occupational safety policy is based on a zero tolerance principle (= no accidents at work). A unified and controlled way of conduct improves the safety of our installation work. Our installers always have a valid occupational safety card, high-quality tools and equipment, and special protective equipment if necessary.

More information about our occupational safety practices can be found here: Scaffolding safety


A well-functioning logistics chain

The efficiency of installation work is supported by our well-functioning logistics chain. We transport the scaffolding equipment to your exact location and include an equipment catalogue of each delivery to ensure that all the necessary scaffolding parts are present. We handle the storage in exact units with precision so that the scaffolding and scaffolding accessories can be easily found. We are used to keeping large amounts of scaffolding and scaffolding equipment sets under control and in check.

We value training and experience

In our work, we must be familiar with different solutions, systems, equipment and tools, as well as regulations and requirements related to the field and individual construction sites. We believe that experience brings wisdom and invest in the training of our personnel. It is our goal to ensure that our installers have equipment of the highest quality and safety at their disposal, as well as a high level of professionalism and knowledge required by the industry.

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