KH XL weather protection

KH XL is easy-to-install weather protection that can withstand larger roof loads and severe weather conditions. KH XL offers weather protection even in areas where support towers can’t be used to increase the width of weather protection. Even with large spans, the structures can be stiffened to withstand, among other things, high winds or heavy snow loads.

Telinekataja Tuupalankoulu

KH XL weather protection is fully compatible with other Layher products.

Technical specifications

  • Gable roof (18° slope, 20° on request) with or without tie rod
  • Pent roof (15°– 20° slope)
  • Gambrel
  • Span up to 38.0 m
  • Block width up to 2.57 m
  • Load-bearing body: Blitz 0.73/1.09 m, Allround 0.73/1.09 m or STAR 0.73/1.09 m