Nikolaj Murikoff joins Telinekataja Group as CEO of ABAB after leading the Swedish operations of Layher

Telinekataja Group, the largest scaffolding and weather protection solution expert in the Nordics, intentionally strengthens its role in the expanding Swedish market. After leading Layher AB for the past 12 years, Nikolaj Murikoff has started working for Telinekataja Group as the CEO of the Swedish subsidiary ABAB Sverige on 3 October 2022.

Nikolaj Murikoff ABAB Sverige

A Finnish family business established in 1965, Telinekataja is the largest operator in the sector in Northern Europe. As Finland’s market leader, Telinekataja holds a market share in excess of 30 %. Telinekataja initiated operations in Sweden by purchasing ABAB Sverige in 2019, with logistic centres located in Stockholm and Gävle. With the acquisition of Umeå Ställningsbyggnad AB in 2021, Telinekataja Group paved the way for the position of ABAB in the substantial scaffolding and weather protection market in North Sweden. Turnover for ABAB Sverige in 2021 was 135 MSEK and the number of employees is 70. The turnover for the Telinekataja Group in 2021 was 78 million euros, with the number of employees being 330.

“Following the exit from Russia, our strategy has become clarified, and our focus is now westwards. Sweden offers plenty of potential and good opportunities for growth. Our intention is to grow to one of Sweden’s largest operators in the sector, both organically and through possible acquisitions.”, says Markku O. Kataja, CEO and Chairman of Telinekataja Oy.

Expanding into North Sweden has already produced results. “Through acquisition of Umeå and the Skellefteå facility, we have received some interesting industrial clients, such as the SCA Obbola project that is soon reaching completion”, says Markku O. Kataja.

Murikoff’s experience and planning competence offers competitive edge

As a pioneer in the sector, the Telinekataja Group wants to provide Swedish construction and industrial companies enhanced quality and customer service, where planning competence and digital solutions are highlighted.

“ABAB already has a strong customer base in Sweden. By utilising the competence of Telinekataja, we want to become even better known as a professional and trustworthy scaffolding provider. We want to be the first choice for demanding industrial clients and construction companies”, summarises Nikolaj Murikoff.

According to the newly appointed CEO, the Swedish scaffolding and weather protection market is constantly developing.

“I predict success for operators who utilise digital tools, actively commission the newest product innovations, take care of the health and wellbeing of their employees, and focus on their HSEQ goals.”

“I am very excited to become part of the team at ABAB Sverige and Telinekataja Group. Together we will continue to build this pioneering enterprise. I believe that my product knowledge, experience in digital planning, and my background in B2B development will be noticed in customer satisfaction, and will help ABAB to expand in Sweden”, states CEO of ABAB Sverige Nikolaj Mirikoff.

Telinekataja Kartalla