Telinekataja Group acquires Umeå Ställningsbyggnad, and strengthens its position in the growing Swedish market

The Swedish subsidiary of Telinekataja Oy, ABAB Sverige Ab, which the largest supplier of scaffolding and weather protection solutions in the Nordic countries, has acquired the entire business of Umeå Ställningsbyggnad Ab. “The Swedish scaffolding and weather protection market is many times the size of that in Finland. With this acquisition, we are expanding our operations in Sweden. The transaction opens up new growth opportunities for us in the large scaffolding and weather protection market in northern region of Sweden,” says Markku O. Kataja, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Telinekataja Oy.

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The recent acquisition follows the expansion of the Telinekataja Group and ABAB Sverige Ab. Telinekataja initially acquired ABAB Sverige’s business in summer 2019. The fast-growing ABAB employs 70 scaffolding professionals. The company has a turnover of approximately 120 MSEK. Umeå Ställningsbyggnad, with a turnover of 30 MSEK, employs approximately 30 people. In addition, the Swedish companies employ at best more than 100 subcontractor professionals.

“A company that values quality, the customer and personnel, fits well into our growth strategy”

Operating in the high-growth economic areas of Stockholm and Gävle, ABAB produces scaffolding and weather protection solutions for both construction and industry requirements. ABAB’s customer base includes Sweden’s leading companies, such as Stora Enso, Billerud Korsnäs and Peab. Umeå Ställningsbyggnad operates in the active economic area of Umeå, in Northern Sweden, offering its services for industry and construction. The company’s customers include Peab, Skanska and Veidekke.

“We firmly believe that we can be more and more successful, together with the skilled professionals of Umeå Ställningsbyggnad. Umeå Ställningsbyggnad is known as a company that values quality, the client and their own personnel. The acquisition fits well with our growth strategy in Sweden,” says Markku O. Kataja.

“What unites us is the quest for continuous development and high customer satisfaction. We also have a common value base. I believe that this will facilitate our cooperation as Umeå Ställningsbyggnad’s management and personnel continue to work for ABAB,” says Markku O. Kataja.

The goal in Sweden: to be among the top five companies

Telinekataja is the largest player in its field in Northern Europe. As the market leader in Finland, Telinekataja has a market share of more than 30 percent. The company’s turnover totals more than EUR 75 million, and also run business activities in Estonia.

ABAB Sverige will be seen as an essential part of the Telinekataja Group’s growth in the future. The purchase of Umeå Ställningsbyggnad will implement the Group’s growth strategy. The acquisition opens the way for a growing market in Northern Sweden, where large-scale investment projects are already underway, and others are slated for the near future.

“We are convinced that we can serve our large clients better and more comprehensively across Sweden with this transaction. We are now able to offer scaffolding and weather protection solutions with services also in Northern Sweden, which is seen as an important growth area,” says Kim Lund, CEO of ABAB Sverige.

“Our goal is to grow into one of the five largest companies in our industry in Sweden. Building a skilled team has always been at the heart of our operations, and now we are getting experienced professionals from the northern part of the country as well,” says Kim Lund.

“Our goal is to have common international customers and a broader service package.”

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Peab is a customer of both Telinekataja, ABAB Sverige and Umeå Ställningsbyddnad. In new sites, moisture management during construction is emphasised both in Finland and Sweden. Photo The construction site of the Alvari wooden school, Kuortane, contracted by Peab.

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Telinekataja Oy is the leading Nordic expert in scaffolding, weather protection solutions and other temporary structures. Solutions for repair, new buildings, infrastructure construction, industrial needs and energy production as well as for machine and equipment installers, with over 55 years of experience. Founded in 1965, the company is the market leader in its industry in Finland and the largest player in Northern Europe. The scaffolding caterer also operates in Estonia. The scaffolder employs 260 people. The company's turnover is EUR 75 million.

ABAB Sverige Ab is a scaffolding service provider, established in 2009, that delivers and builds high-quality scaffolding and weather protection solutions with services to its customers. Telinekataja initially acquired ABAB Sverige’s business in summer 2019. The company has its own logistics centres in Stockholm and Gävle. ABAB Sverige employs 60 professionals. In 2020, the company’s net sales were approximately EUR 12 million.

Umeå Ställningsbyggnad Ab is a scaffolding company based in Umeå that provides high-quality scaffolding and weather protection services for construction and industry needs in the Umeå economic area. The company’s turnover is approximately EUR 3 million. The company employs approximately 30 people.