Energy Industry

Services, Expertise and Equipment to Meet Special Requirements
Telinekataja offers high quality scaffolding services for the energy industry’s applications with decades of experience. Our services are always planned from the perspective of each customer, ranging from nuclear power plants to small-scale power plants and units. We always build our safe high quality scaffolding solutions on schedule.

Telinekataja provides scaffolding services for many of Finland’s leading power plants and units, ranging from maintenance work done at existing plants to the building of new plants. We plan and implement safe scaffolding systems, including diverse special solutions, as a turnkey service for any energy industry site.

We always familiarise ourselves with the safety regulations of each plant. Telinekataja’s specialists are trained to work on energy industry sites and to meet even the strictest safety requirements set by the customer. Thanks to the most extensive selection of special parts in the market, we are able to plan scaffolding accurately, for example, inside a plant’s boilers or smoke extraction channels.

A reduced fire load also increases the level of safety as scaffolding with wooden structures can be fully replaced by non-combustible aluminium and steel scaffolding, thus minimising the

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Forest Industry

Functional and Safe Scaffolding Services
Constant maintenance work and various installation tasks done as part of industrial operations can be carried out safely and smoothly with Telinekataja’s solutions. Working in a narrow space between paper machines is not a problem either, as our scaffolding equipment and experience enables us to build functional and safe solutions even in challenging conditions.

Quickness is our asset because time is money in industrial sectors. Even in case of sudden needs, our rapid and professional service will minimise your production losses as the repair or maintenance scaffolding can be provided quickly.

There is no time for practising at site. Our experienced specialists do their work properly at once

Other Industrial Sectors

Promoting an Advanced Occupational Safety Culture
Maintenance and construction set strict requirements for industrial scaffolding and weather protection solutions. Telinekataja plans suitable solutions for different production facilities together with the customers, aiming at long-term partnerships. All aspects agreed on together will be carried out properly at once, including special requirements and response times.

Telinekataja has sufficient financial and human resources to start a project even at large industrial facilities. Our scaffolding specialists are always provided with training in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements. The individuals appointed to be in charge have particular experience of building industrial scaffolding and weather protection.

When selecting a scaffolding supplier different indicators are also important. Telinekataja has invested in occupational safety and the development thereof for years. The quality of our daily activities can also be verified through audits, if necessary.

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