Respecting the Site with Smart Solutions
Our solutions ensure smooth renovation projects even in challenging locations. Renovation projects are carried out in varied locations and may include holes, drops and other safety risks, but these problems can be solved through proper planning and expertise.

We always build scaffolding and weather protection according to the site’s requirements. Long spans are not a problem as the scaffolding can be supported so that roofs and other parts to be refurbished are spared from burden and the structures that are being worked on become easily accessible to the builders. Our scaffolding planners produce solutions that will not strain the building’s possible weak structures. Thus historical buildings can also be protected while renovating them.

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New Building

Modern Methods, Innovative Solutions
Telinekataja’s solutions meet the strict requirements of new building projects. We provide the required scaffolding, access towers and shoring towers on schedule to ensure safety.

Weather protection ensures that work can be done in all conditions. Weather protection is an effective way to prevent weather, schedule, quality and occupational safety related risks. The span of weather protection systems has become so long that most new building sites can be protected effectively.

We plan individual and optimal solutions for all sites, irrespective of their location, shape or size. Appropriate and safe scaffolding and weather protection systems make the actual building process easier.


With Expertise, on Schedule and Safely
Infrastructure construction often requires temporary access towers, weather protection and support for structures. It is important that the scaffolding and weather protection solutions are planned carefully and well in advance before the project begins.

Functional solutions can also lead to savings. They speed up the construction process and provide proper working conditions for carrying out the project, irrespective of whether it is a water tower, bridge or road construction, a port or a tunnel. Our diverse solutions have been used in many unique infrastructure projects.

Our weather protection solutions create suitable conditions for casting work, waterproofing etc.

We build the required bypass routes, walking platforms and footbridges for the duration of infrastructure projects to ensure pleasant and smooth access also for others walking in the area.

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