Weather Protection with a Long Span

This weather protection system enables a span of up to 40 metres without supportive towers. The Keder Roof XL system offers an opportunity to use weather protection in a place where the use of supportive towers to increase the width of the weather protection roof is not possible.

Until now, the maximum span of Keder Roof weather protection systems has been 18.40 metres to ensure structural integrity, while wider weather protection roofing has required supportive towers. Keder Roof XL withstands larger loads and tough weather conditions and is easy to assemble.

The standard roof angle of the new Keder Roof XL is 18°. The structures can be stiffened, even with long spans, to withstand strong winds or heavy snow loads. The Keder Roof XL system offers three different stiffening options. However, the truss beam components are identical.

The Keder Roof XL weather protection system is thus fully compatible with other Layher products.

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