Keder roof weather protection system is roof structures assembled using aluminium trusses. The roof itself is made of a PVC tarpaulins which is pulled into the keder rails in the trusses. The end result is always tight, neat and durable.

The elements are lightweight and thus can be assembled without a crane. Assembly is fast because the roof structures can be pre-assembled on the ground and lifted in place as complete sections.

The weather protection frame is selected from the Layher scaffolding system depending on the work done on the site. The height of the weather protection system can be freely chosen. The Keder Roof can be opened up if necessary, for example, to enable the lifting of materials. The maximum width of the weather protection system is 18.4 metres or even wider through special solutions.

When less than three metres is enough for the internal eave height, the Keder Roof hall can be built using the weather protection system’s own bending-resistant corner pieces.

  • Roofing for construction sites
  • Road and bridge refurbishment
  • Temporary storages
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