Improve Load-bearing Capacity

Support scaffolding is required if there is a need for a load-bearing capacity of over 10 tonnes. The Allround steel supportive scaffolding is based on regular scaffolding. It has been developed into a sturdier structure using special parts. It is especially good for projects requiring a high load-bearing capacity, including bridge work, power plants or replacement of a building’s pillars.

The permissible loads of Allround scaffolding can be increased considerably by using Layher’s reinforced base plates and head jacks, additional bracing (ledgers and diagonal braces) and/or joining vertical standards with twin wedge couplers. The load-bearing capacity also depends on the horizontal and wind loads as well as the intervals between the vertical standards and their adjusted height.

TG 60 Shoring – a Cost-effective and Versatile Combination of Scaffolding and Supportive Systems

  • Durable, self-supporting and quick to install
  • One supportive scaffolding frame has a vertical standard, a ledger and a diagonal.
  • Pre-assembling of one shoring tower on the ground and lifting it into place
  • Width 1.09 m, length 1.09-3.07 m depending on the length of the ledger
  • Fully compatible with Allround equipment

Layher Allround TG60 Shoring Tower (pdf) (2.6 MB)

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