Lightweight steel-reinforced aluminium rolling towers ensures safety and convenience both indoors and outdoors. Layher’s various stair towers and working platforms are fully compatible with each other. You can use solely aluminium scaffolding or different types of scaffolding to create a suitable structure for your site easily and reliably.

Layher’s aluminium scaffolding is lightweight and thus easy to assemble and handle. Even if the scaffolding needs to be moved often, it is easy thanks to the lockable castors equipped with ball bearings.

Uniroll Scaffolding with Access Ladder – Safe Aluminium Rolling Tower

The sturdy Uniroll scaffolding with access ladder meets the Finnish Government Decree 205/2009 regulations, thus ensuring safety in various projects. The 75 cm wide aluminium scaffolding fits in cramped spaces, while the 150 cm wide model offers more space for materials and tools.

Uniroll Scaffolding with Stairs – Sturdy and Safe Aluminium Rolling Tower

When using stairs, you will have your hands free for carrying tools and materials. The stair tower can be used as a working platform or as access to higher platforms.

Foldable Zifa-75 Aluminium Rolling Tower – Fits into Small Spaces

This aluminium rolling tower is easy to transport and quick to assemble and dismantle. Zifa-75 is excellent aluminium scaffolding for sharing between people living in the same building. It also withstands hard professional use.

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Uniroll Scaffolding with Access LadderUniroll Scaffolding with StairsZifa-75 Aluminium Rolling Tower