Planning Service at Your Disposal

Each scaffolding solution is planned in detail to meet all the safety requirements as well as the special requirements of each construction site. The constantly evolving scaffolding technology and increasingly tighter occupational safety regulations increase the amount of planning even at the stage when the site is only being examined.

Complete CAD plans, including strength calculations, drawings and assembly instructions, ensure a correct assembly procedure and speed up the installation process at the construction site. Thanks to the equipment list prepared on the basis of the plan, all parts needed will definitely be included in the delivery.

Assembly and Transport – Each Task Requires Specialisation

Due to the current tight schedules, everything has to work like clockwork.Therefore, the assembly of scaffolding and weather protection systems requires a specialist. It is not just to do with schedules and costs, but it also affects the functionality and safety of the site.

The technicians working for Telinekataja and its subcontractors possess the highest level of skills in Finland. As the leading company in the field, we have trained them emphasising the aspects that we know are important based on our experience.

Our technicians always have a valid occupational safety card and they use appropriate protective equipment such as helmets, safety harnesses, eye protection and safety footwear as well as other equipment required on a specific site.

Based on the decades of experience, Telinekataja has developed functional systems to ensure that appropriate equipment is in the right place at the right time. Scaffolding is stored and transported in purpose-built frames as organized sets. Schedules are prepared in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Thus even large projects can be kept under control and assembly is done as planned.

Carefully organised transportation and warehousing allows us to speed up and enhance your operations. Telinekataja provides a variety of storage pallets and wire rope hoists for handling and lifting scaffolding.

MaxxSafe – Zero Tolerance Occupational Safety

Say No to Accidents, Schedule Problems and Quality Issues at Your site!

The MaxxSafe service developed by Telinekataja introduces a new way of thinking to scaffolding work, aimed at zero tolerance of accidents. Zero tolerance can be achieved through clear instructions and training and by adopting the right attitude. A common approach generates safety that can be seen in everything.

MaxxSafe brings together expertise, cost-effectiveness and safety.

MaxxSafe is a major innovation in the industry, kicking off a new era in scaffolding work. The MaxxSafe services make the customer’s daily activities easier as they can now outsource various responsibilities and difficult phases of work in addition to traditional scaffolding assembly.

The MaxxSafe services clarify the responsibilities of each party and also increase cost-effectiveness. As a professional in the industry, Telinekataja is familiar with the new regulations, the practical implementation thereof as well as correct and safe working methods. You no longer have to do everything yourself, it does not even make sense to do so. The 6-step approach is based on a “common language”.

MaxxSafe has been developed and productised by a working group that included the best and most experienced scaffolding specialists whose fields of expertise range from design to production and occupational safety. MaxxSafe is crystallised in the 6-step approach guided by and documented with the user-friendly MaxxSafe forms. This service ensures that everyone speaks the “same language” and always acts the same way, creating a new level of safety, new services and efficiency.

Training Services for Scaffolding Work and Products

The rapidly evolving scaffolding technology and constantly improved occupational safety instructions require scaffolding technicians to undergo continuous training. As the leading scaffolding company Telinekataja offers its customers and subcontractors continuous in-depth training in products and assembly. It allows the technicians and supervisors to utilise the features of the scaffolding effectively and correctly.

And more importantly, training ensures that everyone knows how to build scaffolding that complies with the regulations and is safe for the users.

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Protect Wall Cassettes - Watertight and Durable


Protect Wall Cassettes - Watertight and Durable


Protect Wall Cassettes - Watertight and Durable

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Protect Wall Cassettes - Watertight and Durable

MaxxSafe Documents

Protect Wall Cassettes - Watertight and Durable


Protect Wall Cassettes - Watertight and Durable